Tuesday, January 21, 2014

That TAKE BACK Moment

You know that moment, when you wish you could dig yourself  a largely elaborate hole and stay there for a while. Swipe the milliseconds of unrealized hastiness and erase it instantly. Hoping that everyone will forget and that you can climb out feeling somewhat normal and not filled with guilt. That moment when you wish you were funnier so your sarcasm was lighthearthed or that you could just be the quiet little one in the corner.
Sigh, I had a moment. More than just my usual self confessed blonde moments. Perhaps one with all the above. A second where I attempted to be humorous in a when someone wonderful, beautiful, and honest was hurting unbeknown to me. Unintentionally and now regretfully hurting them. It was a small moment but to me seemed and still seems tenfold. 

At times, I think we (well, I know I do!) tend to get so wrapped up in our own occasions we tend forget to see what’s going on around us. If we stopped or pondered for just a second we could see so much more and how our ensuing actions will affect those around us. That perhaps the time for a small joke is just not appropriate. Sigh, and double sigh.

So as I brush off my bruised shoulders I hope this is my only take back moment for the year.