Monday, January 19, 2015

SYMBOLIC Footprints

My Saturday morning runs have become a soothing ritual to end long weeks and begin a weekend on the right foot, those puns! This past Saturday I got up earlier than usual in anticipation for a busy day and made my way to the misty beach front with the few early whisperers whom were already beginning their own rituals.

And as I reached my half way point and turned to see the awakening mountain through the clouds, I realised the beach below my trainers was untouched. My shoe prints being the only evidence to human presence. It was almost symbolic to the fresh start which is presented to us each day and the one we have all made in this new year. I’ve made many promises to myself for the year. My untouched beach waiting for new prints to make their mark and create a new story with a diversity of beauty.

And as the ocean tides will come in and wash away my mark on the beach, so does the reminder that we have to let go of all that keeps us from living now . . .