Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The POWER with no Power

I’ve become accustomed to a many moments, regularities and normality’s in my settlement back in Africa. Some are more challenging than others whilst some I simply brush off and continue on my quest here.  I say quest as isn’t that what we are all on!

At first, it baffled my mind that as a nation, there was no bigger protest against what is called here Load Shedding – in simple terms a means of controlled black-outs to accommodate the poor or lack of energy resources for the fast and ever expanding South African nation. But with each week and the set schedules, sometimes not so set, I realised that though communities complained and sighed  - some more pronounced than others – that people still went on with their days. And in turn I had to find a way to make the most of it. To capture some old traditions which did not involve the  surrounding surplus of modern technology. 

Picking up a book, taking a walk or a run, sitting under a tree with a friend talking nonsense, drawing, writing, taking photos, taking a drive to the unknown . . . . it’s almost like an initiative to capture moments and make them powerful when normality as we know it ceases for just a few hours. 

It’s actually quite nice if you ask me.