Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Copious Amounts of Deliciousness.

It was a moment, late one afternoon, when I realised how incredibly important my vacation had become. The fear of not being in the studio I had, dissipated almost instantly and I felt myself beaming with a realisation and letting out an enormous sigh of relief. Those sighs where your entire load of burdens seems to escape with your breath.

Though the days of late mornings sleeping in and lying with warm coffee and embracing the early stillness, or long tables filled with home cooked meals and bottles of wine, or summer days enthralled by the surrounding beauty, or road trips to the unknown went by sooner than I expected; I start my return to work beaming and ready.

My days off allowed me to refresh my soul, my mind, and provided clarity in many areas of my life. I was uplifted and reconnected with so many beautiful souls and connected with new ones. Days cooking, and eating and drinking copious amounts of deliciousness. Sharing moments and belly hurting laughs and creating snippets in time which remain more than special which I am so grateful for.
So as we all move into 2015 with a presented fresh platter, let’s ensure that we never forget the good and bad times of 2014 and that these in turn allow us to grow to magnificent heights.