Wednesday, December 10, 2014


If I look back at the chances I've taken and the outcome  if I hadn't . . . my life would be very different. I would never be where I am or the person today if I hadn't taken those risks or leaps of faith or those chances that scared me to death in the moment.

It's those small chances that we choose to take which evolve everything. They change everything. Who we are, who we become, the people we meet, the places that we see or the places we choose to call home. It's incredible how we can fear something so much yet the outcome can turn into something ever so magnificent. 

Most recently, and with maturity, I personally have found that taking these chances are even more imperative because one begins to realise just how short life is and how it moves past us in the blink of an eye. Our tomorrows are never promised and if it wasn't and you woke up, you'd regret for not taking that chance. Our choices of chances are so personal and could be so small and insignificant to others, but could changed your whole being as you know it.

So take chances, make things happen, say things you want to say, do things you want to do. Because before you know it, you'll never be presented with those opportunities again. You could loose precious moments and people who have come into your life.