Monday, November 24, 2014

Channelling HAPPINESS amongst the CHALLENGES

I cannot even begin to express how incredibly challenging the past few weeks have been, both personally and professionally. But between the obstacles have been beautiful rays of wonderful moments and reminders that these “hard” times are only brief and can be easily overcome.

And this past weekend was the perfect souvenir to this. As I sat watching the unspoiled sunset after a hot summers day, completed with special company, drinks, laughs, smiles and the hum of surrounding conversation  - I was taken far from the trials which have recently presented themselves and I felt so content. A contentment I’ve found very tough to find, discover and maintain in recent weeks.  It dawned on me that it’s always within our reach however is so heavily impacted by those around us. How the people we allow into our lives are ever so influential to how we can preserve inner solace. And how beautiful it is to find those who can sustain that within ourselves.

So as I start the new week with a little more of a summer glow, over indulged senses, and an extensive smile . . . I know that I have so much more to be grateful for and that an immense sense of happiness is lingering more than close the to the surface.