Sunday, July 28, 2013

AM I A BLOGGER? Well, um, I guess I am now!

Yes, there are millions of bloggers out there - so many, I guess many people can now add it to their official job description. And as readers, we just become inundated with others "stuff" and roll our eyes at yet another blog on the block. I was never an avid blog reader, until I became dear friends with Megan of The Freckled Italian and I fell hard for sincere, informative and light-hearted blogs (which are terribly hard to find by the way), especially hers.

Each morning as I've read religiously through my few bookmarked blogs, with my warm soy coffee in hand, sun streaming through the window, there's been this constant little voice at the back of my mind asking and wondering why I'm not doing the same. Sharing my stories, photos, memories, rants, raves and secret finds. My Lucky Lockets I like to call them.

So yes, I am now taking on this little new venture and "blogging". I look at it more like sharing a little piece of me. The quirky me - good and bad - with hopefully insight, purpose and honesty.