Monday, July 29, 2013


Don’t know if you’re like me in the fact that once I have my mind set on something, especially a food craving, there’s absolutely NOTHING else that will satisfy that deep desire to get my grubby paws on it. And being in a new city | country (story#1 for a rainy day) and following ridiculous food choice lifestyles (story#2 for a rainy day), this unbearable craving for a simple big @ss slice of carrot cake is becoming harder than finding the perfect hairstylist. And a little silly to be honest. 

Yes, I can most certainly go out and purchase an entire cart full of gluten-free vegan primal products to bake this said cake, but who even has time to bake any more? Deceived by those beautiful Pinterest photos of glorious cakes baked in a flash or with ease – making us feel ever so guilty for not making time to bake. Or perhaps that’s just me and I’ve filled my schedule with items which should rather include – today, you bake your cake! 

However the Betty Crocker homemaker vision seems so enticing, well just a little for this instance. And perhaps the simple act of making time to bake may be more beneficial than I think. Just an hour out of my day, away from computer, my work, my thoughts. Putting my energy into a simple act that could allow for an escape and a finished product with so many (yummy) benefits!  

Let's take time for the small things. We may reap many unexpected rewards.

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LLL: If bake my said cake, I think I will make this instead