Tuesday, July 30, 2013


LL: Introuducing a new sector of LL - Tuesdays Honesty. Posting frank | personal | funny | serious opinions . . . anything, but with a candid (and hopefully not too blunt) twist. And it's not very hard to figure out that it'll be a Tuesday post! 

I was recently inspired to write again (story #3 for a rainy day) – hence that Lucky Locket came to fruition. Writing, and expressing within it, has intense emotions with deep gratifications. One can become consumed in not only the magic, but the ability to form, shape and make anything possible with the simple use of words. Pen to paper. Finger to keyboard. Perhaps too simple. But for me, writing has always enabled myself to express the core of my affections and recollect on integral parts of my life which may shed from my memory as the years pass. They’ve been recorded in a bank of pages, sitting on my screen for over a year and meant to be a special gift to those who guided me in one of the most devastating yet liberating chapters of my life. In those dark days, writing kept the dim light inside alive and almost clasped onto my sanity. It kept me going. Kept me on the road ahead. It reminds me of a time I never thought there was any hope. And now, these words are beginning to see the light and are coming out of the cracks.

I remember how I always dreamed of becoming writer (don't you just love looking back at your childhood dreams, I was quite the dreamer. But then again, I still am). Seeing my name in the New York Times Bestseller list. I once told a classmate during a gymnasium class that I felt my life was important and needed to be remembered. I was 17. It amazes me to think that I thought that’s all that was truly significant in my life – what I had done and recovered from in the short 17 years. That young naive girl did not know that what was ahead, it was more she could have imagined or even written about.

Even so, writing has always been second nature to me and a gift I rely on to openly articulate anything in the most passionate and eloquent way. I have this deep connection with the words on paper or the lyrics once written for a song. The lyrics of my own emotions and words I so long to express in person. Sometimes I wish the words could project as brightly and shine through my spoken words as they do on paper.

Hopefully as LL grows, I can brighten your day, make you shine and share something so much more than just words on paper, or in this case - on a screen.