Monday, July 28, 2014

The Beautiful Blonde Bit*h Project

For quite sometime, I’ve been looking for other avenues in using the LL to inspire. A platform for not only myself, but the readers too. Then 2 things happened . . .  
  1. My constant food coma-eating-like-a-cavewoman-but-working-out-like-a-demon-guilt -frustration was getting the best of me 
  2. My trainer, knowing how incredibly competitive I am and hearing my constant guilt frustration moaning (shame, the poor man), approached me with a 10 week Weight Loss Challenge he’s putting together for his clients.
I finally had my light bulb, heavens parting, crunch time (literally and hundreds I’m guessing) moment. Game on  biat*hes! 
And then, The Beautiful Blonde Bit*h Project was born. 

I have a clear vision and hope for myself as I approach my 32nd birthday. I’m feeling even more pressure within to achieve it. It’s 3 simple things:
  1. To see myself as beautiful again but to hopefully inspire others too to feel beautiful in their own skin and own way. We all have the right to see ourselves as beautiful no matter what the vision is personally.
  2. Transition back to blonde (small yet significant as I feel my sexiest as a blonde, and yes -  we do have more fun) 
  3. And to tackle these like a boss . . . or in this case a biat*h!

 So I stocked my fridge with healthy necessities, installed a water intake app on my phone, had my last indulgence stint (thank you gluten-free brownie in a mug) and thought it would all be so much more achievable if it’s out in the open.
Each week, I’ll be updating you of my progress – sans the before and after photos for the time being as that would just be cruel and such a cliche – and we will achieve this together. 

Here’s to feeling inspired and getting back on track!