Thursday, August 7, 2014

BBB Project: UPDATE #1

The BBB Project was full steam ahead - my workouts were extreme, I was eating healthy - and avoiding all peanut butter temptations - and more motivated than a bear to honey (which I still think might be a fabrication from Pooh bear). And then BHAM, I got drowned with a nasty cough and could not workout for 5 days - 5 DAYS! Not the most appropriate when you've started a weight-loss challenge.

But after some recovery over the weekend I returned on Tuesday with my trainer kicking my royal behind and without loosing my lungs. As the week has progressed, I have transitioned slowly back into my training. . . but no weight loss!

BB Project: 0 Yukky Winter Flu: 1

But, I've had small triumphs with resisting said yummy temptations and being able to un-expectantly fit in SMALL leather leggings! BOYA!