Monday, August 18, 2014

Old T-Shirts. FRESH Memories

I seem to have a vast collection of stolen T-Shirts . . . ok, I didn’t literally steal them, it was more on the lines of – 

I love this T-Shirt, wear it often? 
Not really. 
Can I can “steal” it. 

They stay neatly folded (and yes, even my casuals are colour coded) and the days I pull them out to wear, I smile as the soft cotton touches and rests on my skin. Because they all have memories and remind me of someone special in my life and the silly (including embarrassing) moment I asked them for their clothing – what a darn cheek!

Isn’t it funny how clothing can bring such memories and even more so, attachments. It’s a simple piece of cloth yet it holds so much more than it’s fine woven fibres . . . within in these are layers of beautiful moments.