Monday, August 4, 2014


I wonder if we ever stop searching. Searching for the truth of what we truly want from life or a magnitude of endless dreams we keep putting aside or trying to achieve. Or having secret hopes that we keep safe when others are met but impede the ones we really want from coming to life. Maybe it’s the things,people,hopes,dream that keep us apart are what keep us alive.

As I watch those around me move in directions different to mine, I find we all seem to feel there is something missing. We have so much, have satisfied so many areas in our lives, yet there is always a want and need for something or someone other than what’s already there. With the need for this something greater, will the search ever end? Perhaps what’s truly important is to discover inside yourself the kind of contentment that others can only dream of.  Or to make that contentment a reality. There’s real magic in that.

You only live once.