Sunday, March 30, 2014


Letting go of something treasured sometimes leaves us at a difficult cross-road. Looking left, right, left again, right again and weighing all the options, possibilities and outcomes. Scared of what one may bring and what the other may not. It’s over-whelming and though we know we have to do it, it seems all to much.

Over the weekend I knew choices had to be made. Closure choices. Ones which would hurt but were necessary.  And then it came. The moment that assured me that it’s alright to close a chapter, a dear one. As I sat with my earphones on and my bright laptop screen starting back at me; a rush of calm settled my soul and I knew that it was time. A time to wrap memories tight, of not only love but another life, and open up the road to new ones. 

I think we subconsciously fear that if we close a chapter, we forget or erase the times. That there’s no hope that it’ll be a reality again. But it will. As life goes on a moves forward, new memories are waiting with their own times for closure. 

It’s just reaching that moment when you know it’s alright and that it’ll all be ok.