Thursday, March 27, 2014

That moment, over GLITTER

I often worry about us creative minds (Some people say we have a short attention span, we don't... ooooh... Glitter!), the way we think, what makes us tick, what rocks our boat or that a sheet of paper can just make our week and stop us in our tracks.

The office was unusually quiet – all were engrossed in designs, emails, cutting, foiling... focused on ensuring the constant deadlines were going to be met. 

And then a delivery. A simple paper delivery which broke the silence and shifted the focus. 

But from the brown paper bag came the most spectacular glittering copper which made us all jump from our seats and huddle over the 30 x 30 cm square. Shining beams reflecting from the spotlights above. Giggles, smiles and “totes ridic” expressions were all around as the 4 designers had a glitter-gasm over the proud paper. 

Strange – perhaps. But a moment ‘creatives’ only seem to grasp and revel in. A moment which solidified how much I adore my career and that it truly is the simple things in life.

Let your light shine, no matter what.