Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pancakes, Nutella & HAPPINESS

I had the opportunity to spend time with my 3 beautiful nieces on Saturday. After a spontaneous call to my cousin, I rode out to the Southern suburbs (which often feel like I need a passport to get to or a manual to understand) and spent the afternoon with some of my favorite people.

Over the years, I have watched them grow up from a distance. Seeing their beautiful smiles through my laptop or phone screen and feeling a heart wrenching pull of not being there. I was very fortunate to spend a few vacations with them when they made the long haul to Orlando and treasured every moment knowing that the next time I saw them, they’d be new people in an essence.

But with incredible guidance and nurturing from their parents, they have all grown up into inspiring, individualistic, strong girls with the most immense spirits, immaculate manners and beautiful souls. They assure me that there will be good people on this earth and that they will and do teach us all something.

The afternoon was simple and relaxed yet filled my heart with warmth and happiness. From making pancakes (naturally I didn’t have any input with this besides licking nutella off a spoon whilst the cooking and eating occurred) to huddling all together on the couches watching a family movie, I felt at peace and drawn to the beauty and love they exude. 

It was exactly what my soul needed.