Monday, March 17, 2014

Explaining BEAUTYY

I was asked over the weekend by a six year old why I wear so much make up. The question took me completely by surprise and I knew I needed to answer in a way that would not only resonate with her but inspire her too. 
In an instant, my mind spanned a million thoughts and I peered into every avenue with alternative answers. I needed to get this one right. I needed to make sure that my answer was the right one, and an important one. Even more important than the answer to win a million dollars on a tacky game show which a host wearing too much hair product. As my answer was part of an ongoing self-esteem issue which affects millions of girls, boys, woman and men on a daily basis. One which is heavily influenced by the media and those around us.
My inner answer steered me into my own insecurities and the security of being able to hide behind the make up. But I couldn’t tell her that. But what I did tell her, surprised even me. I told her that every person is beautiful and deserves to feel that way everyday. I told her that I wear make up because it makes me feel beautiful and special in my own way. I told her that one day she will find her own way to make herself feel beautiful and that it can be anything but that she had to remember that she was beautiful no matter what.
She paused and then turned to me with a wonderful smile and said, “well, I think you are beautiful no matter what anyone else says,” The innocence filled my heart and though I may not believe her words myself, it made me feel beautiful and I hoped that my words would hold true for her forever.