Sunday, March 23, 2014


Since writing my blog, I’ve always found comfort in the luxury that I can be open and honest about current , personal, and emotional affairs. That my opinion can be expressed with no judgment, agree or disagreement, or open a thoughtful discussion. But one subject I just cannot seem to open up about is heartbreak. Enough said right? No elaboration required.

It’s an intense and very personal emotion which takes over the soul and mind. We’ve all had the mis-fortune of being broken and feeling we will never mend again. But when you’re sitting with it, your world is consumed by a blurred cloud which sits comfortably for a while. Only to be lifted by your own doing.

Over the past few days my emotions and anxiety have been high – attempting to keep a brave face and hide the reality. Some days it worked, others not so much. But between this wave, I found a strength I didn’t think I could muster during this time. And in turn I put a plan into action for moving forward. To take this and twist it into something powerful with only the good, beautiful, sweet memories in hand and the gratefulness for being a part of someone’s life for an extensive period of time. And though secretly I’d love to indent myself on a couch for days and watch horribly emotionally saturated movies surrounded by chocolate wrappers and empty ice-cream tubs . . . I cannot muster to do so.

Instead I want to distract my mind and focus on myself for a little while.