Wednesday, March 12, 2014


You know when you bump into someone you have not seen in years and the reunion seems almost overwhelming due to the disbelief. On my spontaneous visit to my cousin, I was reunited with a fellow ex-coworker from one of my first “big girl” jobs. I was working as a receptionist | PA and dear Pinky was our  in-house company house keeper. Keeping our areas spotless and our mugs filled with delicious coffee. 

There was never a day that went by that she never had a smile on her face and her wonderful energy was contiguous. And all these years later, it’s still very apparent.

Her children are now all grown up, with children of their own, and she continues to have hope that her and her children’s lives will turn around. And in turn, I realize how fortunate I have been and am still, as my life has taken many paths, twists and turns, but hers has remained the same with the similar struggle to millions in this country.

But yet, she still smiles and continues to have hope.