Monday, September 9, 2013

GYM JUNKIES – Things at the gym that make you go hmmmm . . .

Over the past 2 years, I have dedicated plenty hours in the gym – with the absolute course of age and gravity deliberately taking it’s toll, I am on a mission to keep fit and attempt to have my 18 year old body back (a girl can wish right!). With these endless hours in the gym, you begin to notice trends, habits and odd occurrences with the regulars aka, the gym junkies. So in an attempt to perhaps vent a little, here’s a few tid bits I’d like to share – in the lightest and least judgmental way possible. Shamelessly, I may have fallen into one or two of these. But hey, we live and learn right.

* Drinking WATER out of a PROTEIN SHAKER does not make you look cool. In fact, you look a little like a protein-workout wannabe and we think that you perhaps haven’t cleaned your dishes in days so it’s a last resort.

* Wearing false eyelashes whilst working out not only makes you look silly, but I’m sure is dam uncomfortable. We all know sweat | moisture | eye lash glue are not a good mix – attention all staff, we have lost an eyelash on treadmill #4. Unless you are attending your prom after your workout, please leave the falsies at home.

* Holding onto the handles on the treadmill, is not only dangerous but you look ridiculous, that's the only way to really put it. And I think you’re deceiving the point a little.

* Looking at yourself and your pecks endlessly in the mirror will not make them any bigger – I hate to brake the news to you.

* Taking a selfie at the gym and posting it on Facebook does not count as a workout. It just means that you were there for an hour, editing your pictures and looking at your phone while “stretching” on the mat.

* Please leave the kids at home. It’s awkward for everyone and they just hog the machines and make us angry, even when we do just smile at you when you sheepishly walk by.

Happy workout all!