Monday, September 23, 2013


I will just give it to you straight - I had a terrible weekend. Sorry for the doom and gloom on a Monday morning - but it get's better, I promise! 

It started off with a rocky Friday morning (you know those days when EVERYTHING possible that can go wrong does, that kind of morning!) and led into a Saturday of my phone being stolen out of my purse, phone blocking, police reports, and viewing video footage of any possible suspects. I am so thankful I was not hurt or that my bank cards were untouched, but knowing that someone was watching my every move and had access to my private messages and photos on my phone was gut wrenching. 

I learned (after tears, curses, and a few glasses of wine to clam the nerves) incredible lessons from this incident and have realized how incredibly fortunate I have been to have lived in cities where this was never a worry. Or that I was in the position (not a very cheap one) to replace my phone and purchase a new handbag (sorry Zara tote) with a secure zipper! And that no matter how old I get, I may still run to my dad for help - not all the time, but sometimes!

As I embark on the week (which has started off on a beautiful note), there is so much to look forward to. You see, I promised it would get better! We have Heritage day tomorrow here in South Africa which leads to a short working week and time with my family. I end "The Friends I Keep" series with a very special person. I cannot wait to tell you about a 2 beautiful and playful apps I have found and perhaps share some unnecessary but necessary insight.

Have a magnificent Monday!

LL: Thank you to my dear little brother for the photo. I needed a fun moment over the weekend and this was it! Taken after dropping what seems like a bazillion dollars for my new phone and handbag. #firstworldpromblems